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"Jeff’s approach to clients and candidates is one of trust and confidence. He has a keen ability to stay a couple of steps ahead of the market which makes him a valuable resource. Jeff is dedicated and enthusiastic. His positive attitude and get-it-done approach will benefit everyone he comes in contact with. Anyone who has an opportunity to work with him will see his commitment to his firm and to the industry. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Jeff."

"The Maven Group, and Frank DeGeorge, are exceedingly reliable, professional and ethical partners. Having worked with Frank at The Maven Group for nearly two years, I give him my highest recommendation as a partner, an entrepreneur and a Recruiting professional.”


“Matt represented me to a potential employer. Matt exceeded my expectation with communications and trying to meet the requirements I placed for him. Do not hesitate to let Matt represent you in your future business opportunities.”


“Working with Nanci was a true inspiration - she has an abundance of professionalism and work ethic. If I had to use one word to describe Nanci, that word would be quality. She brought quality to all she touched -communication, performance, and even sense of humor. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Nanci again!”

The Maven Group is the best agency with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work.  After searching on my own for a few weeks, the Maven recruiter contacted me regarding an opportunity that was a perfect match for my background and experience. What's more, he provided an excellent suggestion regarding the submission of my resume/background information and managed to turn the entire recruitment process into a pleasant experience by taking the pressure off me.  He communicated directly with the company on my behalf; arranged the interviews; and, negotiated the salary.  This allowed me to focus completely on the opportunity at hand and led to a successful hire into a position with a team that I love. I am delighted with the excellent, professional help provided to me by The Maven Group.  I highly recommend them to anyone searching for a new position."



Thanks for staying on top of things Sam! This has been, by far, the most enjoyable job hunting and onboarding process I have had to date in my career. Between your help and guidance, I truly feel I am going to the right place at the right time in my career! 


"I highly recommend Jeff Walton of The Maven Group, LLC. I have worked with Jeff for many years and have always had positive experiences. We have collaborated on putting together several complicated projects that involve more than standard industry knowledge. Jeff is always willing to brainstorm through all the issues so that things run smoothly. Jeff and The Maven Group are an excellent choice."



“I had the opportunity to partner with Nanci on several opportunities where creative, "out of the box" thinking and deal-making was needed. Nanci has few peers that are at her level where solid recruiting skills are concerned. She has networking ability, the persistence and the integrity to build solid relationships of trust that lead to successful placements. I highly recommend Nanci to any individual considering making a career change, or to any client who has very hard to fill, highly technical positions that have a small candidate base on which to draw.”



"I was highly impressed with Jeff's dedicated involvement in my job search. Unlike many other recruiters with whom I have spoken, Jeff inspired trust and confidence -- and he was indeed a strong advocate on my behalf. His efforts resulted in my securing a new position in early 2008."

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