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What does that mean for you... the candidate?

Your future is decided by the choices that you make today. As a talented professional we want to provide you as many choices as possible.




The Maven Group Advantage


At The Maven Group we have the expertise, connections and knowledge to supercharge your career. By taking time to understand your professional background and search objectives, we will become your partner - navigating you through your search for a new career home.


In an ever-changing market place, you should be able to trust and rely on someone to keep you informed and connected to the best opportunities in your industry. Trust The Maven Group. You spend too much time at work not to invest time initially to make sure you are in the right place.


The Maven Group Process


The Maven Group has a proven process and methodology to match your skills and career objectives to the employer that will enable your long-term career. 


  • Job Search Consulting: We are happy to provide you with pertinent company and industry information and to help you to define your career objectives and career path. We will work with you to refine your résumé format, content, or style to ensure you get noticed.
  • Introductory Interview: We will meet with you to complete an interview encompassing your professional background, academic background, search objectives, search status and availability. This initial time investment puts you on the right path to your new career home.

  • Reference checks: You will be required to provide a minimum of three professional references who can comment on your technical expertise, work ethic and "soft skills" that set you apart from other candidates.

  • Matching: We take time to match you to top companies based on several criteria including skill sets, role, responsibilities, company environment, compensation and more. We will not force-fit you into a role that is not right for you.

  • Personal introductions: In addition to forwarding your resume to the hiring manager (some agencies stop here) we will also speak directly with the decision makers at target companies on your behalf. If there are companies that you are interested in but do not know how to approach, we will work to get you "inside".

  • Interview coaching: We will work with you in advance of your interview to make sure that you have the building blocks for success on this and future interviews.

  • Interview coordinating: We work with you to understand your interview availability while always keeping in consideration the end goal to make the process move smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

  • Interview feedback: We will provide you with interview feedback - whether good or bad - because we feel that this is important to professional growth and future interview success.

  • Compensation negotiation: We will negotiate, on your behalf, the compensation package to include base salary, benefits and any available bonus or perks that meet the goals set in our preliminary screening. If the employer does not provide such information, we are happy to provide you with informational resources that will aide in the process of relocation, should this be involved.

  • Post placement and ongoing follow-up: We will keep in touch with you as well as your hiring manager to make sure that expectations have been met on both sides and in order to circumvent any miscommunications.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, create tomorrow's innovations and get an edge on your competition at top-notch employers, please contact us at



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